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  • Q1. Who could benefit from AthleticHub?

    Everyone can benefit from this website. The student athletes can promote themselves, learn about the recruiting process and be educated to make the best decision for them. Coaches can use the athlete database to find athletes who would best fit their program needs from the comfort of their home or office. Parents can get advice and learn how to best support their child during the recruiting process.

  • Q2. What are the fees for the student athletes?

    AthleticHub currently offers 3 payment options for our Gold Membership; a $7 CDN monthly recurring subscription or a $60 yearly recurring subscription or a $90 CDN one-time Lifetime charge. Click here to read more.

  • Q3. What are the fees for the coaches?

    We offer free profiles to schools and coaches.

  • Q4. Who can sign up?

    Student athletes from high school, prep schools and cegeps (Quebec only).
    Coaches from prep schools, cegep (Quebec only) and colleges.

  • Q5. When can athlete create and update their profile?

    The student athletes can create and update their profile at any time where they have access to Internet. For example after a game an athlete could update their profile from the dressing room using their phone.

  • Q6. What happens when an athlete signs a letter of intent with a school?

    The athletes must send us an email telling us they have signed a letter of intent and their profile will become inactive and no further payments will be made. An account can be reactivated at anytime. info@athletichub.com

  • Q7. How do student athletes activate their account?

    The student athlete needs to complete the registration form and accept the confirmation email.

  • Q8. Does having a profile guarantee a scholarship?

    No. There are no guarantees. By having a profile the athletes will be able to promote themselves in a professional way and will increase their exposure to coaches all over North America.

  • Q9. Do the athletes put their email and phone numbers on their profile?

    No. To protect their privacy, we have created an internal email system for the athletes to communicate with the coaches.

  • Q10. Why should coaches activate an account?

    It is the coaches responsibilities to keep their program and contact information up to date to insure maximum exposure and easy communication with the student athletes.

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