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Photo Credit: Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports ImagesTravis Boyd refused to brag.When asked about his breakthrough year last Wednesday, the senior forward barely mentioned himself before praising his teammates for minutes.It was simply his weekend, Boyd said.But it’s been “his weekend” for the last few.This year alone, Boyd has scored 13 goals -- the same number he racked up during his first three years with Minnesota. The skater, who arrived on campus four years ago at age 17, is finally hitting his stride.And he said it's because his experience is finally paying off.“You get a little older, you get more confident,” Boyd said. “I came in as a 17-year-old, so my first year playing against guys who were 22, 23 was really hard … because they were just that much more mature and older.”Boyd first strapped on skates before the age of three, and he started...

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