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We’ve all heard it — the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back. However, that name on the back can go a long way to shaping the hockey player before she ever gets a chance to don the jersey.Playing for teams like Boston College or Minnesota brings a boatload of expectations. For people like Alex Carpenter and Andie Anastos of the Eagles and Rachel Ramsey of the Gophers, they’ve spent years dealing with the expectations that accompany their surnames.Carpenter’s father Bob started to build those expectations associated with the family name when he was drafted third overall by the Washington Capitals in 1981, an era when teenagers in American high schools were not prized draft picks. He went on to rack up 320 goals and 728 points in a 1,178-game NHL career that spanned 18 seasons, changing the way American-born players...

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