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Here NCAA.com breaks down the complicated procedures involved with selecting, seeding and bracketing the teams involved in NCAA Men's Div. 1 Basketball National Championship. Learn about it!-----Each member of the Division I men's basketball committee evaluates a vast amount of information during selection process. Their opinions -- developed through observations, discussions with coaches, directors of athletics and commissioners, and review and comparison of data -- ultimately determine selections, seeding and bracketing. CLICK HERE FOR COMMITTEE PROFILESThere are three phases to the process to determine the 68 teams for the tournament:I. Select the 36 best at-large teams;II. Seed the field of 68 teams; andIII. Place the teams into the championship bracket.SELECTION, SEEDING, BRACKETINGThe process follows these basic principles: Reasonable competitive balance in each region of the bracket; The 36 best teams -- not otherwise automatic qualifiers for their conference -- fill the at-large berths. (There is no limit on the...

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