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About AthleticHub

As former Varsity Athletes, we take pride in our education and are very excited to help other potential student-athletes gain the same experiences that we were fortunate to have during our time at University. We believe that it is important for student-athletes to use sport as an avenue to increase their ability to receive a University Degree and play competitively at the University level. Athletics has always been an extremely important aspect of our life and combining athletics with academics was critical in our development.

Our experience during the recruiting process was at times stressful and confusing. There were so many options and things to think about prior to making a final decision. We have therefore worked hard to help create this website and what we feel to be the most effective way for student athletes to promote their skills to coaches in Canada and Usa.

AthleticHub.com allows athletes and coaches to connect with each other, discuss options and opportunities and open the lines of communication that will reassure student-athletes that they will make the best decision for their future.

We look forward to having you join the Hub!


AthleticHub.com is based out of Montreal, Canada. Our services help student athletes from around the world connect and communicate with coaches.

Who we are

Amey Doyle

Amey Doyle

Assistant Coach
McGill University B. Ed., MA

Kim St-Pierre

Kim St-Pierre

3 Time Olympic gold medalist
McGill University B. Ed.

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